INFO. Classic look

Classic look design, is the version of lashes that are most shaped according to nature's lash shape / design. This means that the outer lashes tone down a bit in the lengths. So it gives a softer look compared to the cateye version.

This version is also known to be the romantic look within the lash world.

We have a selection of this design that is suitable for both everyday and festive events.

REMEMBER: These magnetic lashes can also be used on top, permanent Eyelash extensions, without damaging your extension lashes. They can be used as a supplement to festive events. Or if you are in a situation where it is time for a replenishment of Eyelash extensions, is

These lashes are the best 'BACK UP' solution for your natural lashes.

Permanent Eyelash extensions:
Single eyelash extensions el. Russian volume eyelash extensions.
(This version is made by a tilting technician.)